Ideal Treatment for all Heartache is Laughter

The health of the body in the lack of food, the health of the heart in the lack of sins and misdeeds, and the health of the soul in the lack of speech. The ideal treatment for all heartache is laughter, and memory not taken seriously. At the core we are alone, our life is like a Chinese box: a box inside a box, and the boxes dwindle in size until the smallest box in the heart reaches all of them, and if inside it there is no precious ring from the Sultan’s daughter’s rings, but the most precious and surprising secret: unity. Loneliness is a static storm that destroys our dead branches and yet it hits its roots deep in the beating heart of the living earth. Faith is knowledge of the heart, secretion of the tongue, and action of the pillars.

 The heart is sick as the body is sick and its recovery in repentance and diet is rusting as the mirror rusts and the male is clear and naked as the body and its nakedness piety and starvation and thirsts as the body and its food and hunger starve knowledge and love and trust, proxy, and service. The heart adore it as a passion for beauty, and the chest is narrowly lost A good head and a kind heart is always a wonderful combination. When calamities multiply, they erase each other and make you crazily mad. You can laugh from a heart that no longer knows fear. The heart is sick, as the body gets sick, it's healing with repentance, and rusts, as the metal rusts, its evacuation is reminiscent, and it is naked as the body and its adornment are exposed to piety. Charity degrades those who receive it and hardens the heart of those who give it. The smaller the heart, the longer the tongue will be.


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